Knowledge Dissemination
The rapid strides in crop-cultivation techniques have necessitated comprehensive and continuous farmer education. Given the huge size and spread of the farming community, educating and training farmers in new agricultural methods and practices has become a major challenge, one that demands institutional and manpower resources .

It is here that the KHUSHALI, the One- stop shops for complete farm solutions, will provide the cutting edge. They will act as one - stop resource centers, offering cultivators a wide range of agri - services and solutions.

KISAN GHOSTHIES (FARMERS MEETINGS) are organized at every KHUSHALI CENTRE wherein experts from the relevant fields are roped in to brief farmers on crop specific new practices and addresses crop related problems being faced by farmers with a view not only to maximizing the yield but also produce disease free output . An event calendar is drawn every year in advance for each centre which is well publicized. Even farming community are sent reminders before the event through SMSs & other means .Even special seminars are organized on the topics of interest suggested by farmers .

In pursuit of its objective to empower the farmers with practical knowledge , Bi-monthly KHUSHALI PATRIKA (KHUSHALI MAGAZINE) is taken out & distributed freely amongst framers which contain current topics right from preparation of land before crop season to preventive care from pests & damage control in case of breakout of pest attacks. Farmers are taken on tours to agricultural universities and research stations to make them aware of the latest scientific techniques.

Regular visit of Agronomist to farmers fields helps in addressing problems in crop on the spot followed by communication through SMSs in this regard .Further KHUSHALI HELPLINE operating from Company's office at Lucknow is also in place to render expert advice to farmers. The Company has plans to introduce voice based SMSs to farming community in their local dialect from the call centre . The Khushali Krishi Kendra network reflects the Company's belief that technology can and must be harnessed to solve India's social and economic problems.