Agri Scenario
Agriculture continues to be the backbone of Indian economy and it constitutes one-fourth of the Indian economy. Indian economy can not grow beyond 8% per annum unless the agriculture sector grows at about 5% per annum. Commercialization of agriculture and allied activities holds key to the accelerated growth of agriculture. The healthy performance of the agriculture sector is vital for the well-being of the entire nation.

Though India is a leading producer of many crops, the farm output per acre is much below the world standards in many cases. Analysis of the current status of agriculture reveals that the poor productivity of agriculture is mainly due to the following factors:

Existing system of delivery for timely supply of good quality inputs, farm implements and machineries and bank credit are inadequate.
Extension services for upgrading farming technologies are not up to the mark.
There is no agency close to the production centers, which can provide total solution to the farmers for raising productivity, improving quality and marketing at remunerative price from a single window.
Lack of remunerative price acts as disincentive for achieving higher productivity and better quality.

Improving productivity is the only answer to encounter problems like shrinking land under cultivation because of urbanisation, increased demand for food. As KHUSHALI sees, it becomes all the more imperative to empower the farmers by enhancing their capability and their sources of income.

The most critical needs are access to timely and cost effective delivery of adequate inputs , information/advice and credit facilities. The concept and vision of KHUSHALI is based on identifying these critical needs of the farmer. KHUSHALI has been pivotal in providing value-added service to farmers which has helped in improving their quality of living.