HYDRIC FARM INPUTS LTD. had been incorporated as a Public limited company in the year 2003.Till February,2011, the company has set up 74 AGRI RETAIL CENTRES by the name of KHUSHALI KRISHI KENDRAS in Uttar Pradesh & Haryana. KHUSHALI centres are neighbourhood stores with the core proposition of offering value, convenience and trust to the customers . The Centres are self-service stores offering range in Agri inputs like Seeds, Chemicals,Pesticides,Fertilisers etc. & Agri -related implements & tools,cattle feed and technical expertise at a single location. These Centres are located in rural areas at the door-step of the farming community and make shopping a pleasant experience.


Application for Franchise

KHUSHALI functions as a hub and spoke model. Each KHUSHALI centre is a retail outlet and solution provider that caters to about 80 -100 villages in the surrounding area.

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Looking to the future
Renting of farm Equipments
Crop specific value addition for farmers
Development of marketing linkages for fresh horticultural crops
Commodity Purchases
Chilling Plant Temperature controlled Storages for Milk & other perishables
Extending help in collection of Milk supplies for Milk Cooperatives
Warehousing facilities
Corporates & Contractfarming