Social Committments
To embed corporate social responsibility as a way of life in the organisation, KHUSHALI FOUNDATION has been set up with a view to strength the socio-economic fabric of rural communities. From holding free medical camps to various vocational training programs,the effort has been to bring economic freedom to the rural families.Women from the farmer families have been encouraged to undergo training classes in tailoring & knitting and at the same time stress has been laid on their health and hygiene by organising various training camps.Drawing competitions are held for children.

KHUSHALI centres hold KISAN Melas (FAIR) which provide an excellent platform for interface between various channel partners & the farming community .Entertainment ,fun and frolic is offered to farmers & their families. Movie shows & magic shows are held .Various social messages are passed on for the benefit of society at large.

Realising its role in energy conservation ,use of solar energy is encouraged at KHUSHALI Centres which not only meets the objective but also encourages usage of non-conventional energy devices. As a result, Solar lanterns promoted by KHUSHALI is finding favours with farming community.

KHUSHALI thus endeavours to undertake all steps necessary to strength the socio-economic fabric of rural India in its own humble way.